Industrial Scientific VTS-M1232111101 Ventis® MX4 CH4 (0-5%), CO, H2S, O2, English, Orange

Multi-Gas Monitors - Portable

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Industrial Scientific VTS-M1232111101 Ventis® MX4 CH4 (0-5%), CO, H2S, O2, English, Orange

Ventis® MX4, Li-ion Ext. Range, Desktop Charger, Pump, UL/CSA

Sensors: CH4 (0-5%), CO, H2S, O2

Language: English

Color: Orange

Why carry multiple gas detectors when one can do the trick? The Ventis® MX4 multi-gas monitor has you covered, equipped with four-gas sensors, this device is ready for whatever is thrown its way.

  • Flexible sensor configurations detect up to four gases
  • Custom start-up messages, alarm action messages, and acknowledgeable gas alerts
  • Two Button operation iNet® NOW live monitoring enables a lightning fast transmission of information and emergency alerts.
  • Rugged IP68 water and dust rating and Guaranteed for Life warranty
  • Available with or without a pump
  • DualSense® Technology
  • DSX™? Dockinng Station compatible
  • Desktop charger
  • Up 12 Hour run time*
  • 95 dB at 30 cm alarm allows the wearer to be notified of the detection of gas in noisy environments.
  • Four visual LED alarms.
  • Temperature range: -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C)
  • Transition effortlessly from personal monitoring to confined space easily with the help of the Ventis® Slide-on Pump.

In your line of work, a day on the job can turn from habit to hazard in a single moment. Be ready for gas hazards and more with the Ventis® MX4.

Detect up to four gases: Rely on flexible sensor options to detect combustible and toxic gases in a broad range of settings, making the Ventis® MX4 ideal for both personal protection and confined space applications. 

Extend Your Run Time: Battery options that can be changed range from 12-hour, 18-hour and 20-hours available with non-pump models.

Depend on a rugged design:  Keep your instruments in the field, not the shop, thanks to an IP68 rating for dust and water ingress and a rugged overmold that is Guaranteed for Life

iNet® NOW Live Monitoring: Allows for real-time text and email updates from panic button, falls, or gas situations. Ability to see and respond to situations as they happen. Geo-tracking allows supervisor to see workers and instruments on map in real-time. iOS 10 or later. Android 5.1 or later.

DualSense® Technology: In the event of instrument failure, a redundant sensor is in place to ensure that your devices are functioning properly. Better to have it and not need, then it is to need it and not have it!


104 x 58 x 36 mm (4.1 x 2.3 x 1.4 in) without Pump

172 x 67 x 65 mm (6.8 x 2.6 x 2.6 in) with Pump






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