DBI-SALA 1000022 Small Tongue buckle belt with side D-rings and 3" in. (7.6 cm) hip padby Capital Safety

Fall Protection

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DBI-SALA 1000022 Small Tongue buckle belt with side D-rings and 3" in. (7.6 cm) hip padby Capital Safety

Capital Safety manufactures the most comfortable and widest range of body belts you'll find anywhere. For example the three-inch body pads are designed for comfort without sacrificing mobility. Our body belts are easily customized to fit your body and to fit your style of working. They are carefully sewn with high strength thread at 5 to 7 stitches per inch and every component is chosen for strength and durability. Body belts are ideal for inspection work, construction and demolition, maintenance, oil production, and any others activities where you need to be restrained from a leading edge or where there is NO possibility of a vertical free fall. It is also easy to add a body belt to most harnesses for added back support and versatility. Remember, NEVER use body belts in situations where there is any chance of a free fall.

Product Highlights

      • Side D-rings for work positioning
      • Work positioning systems will hold and sustain you at a specific work location such as rebar tying, tower maintenance or wall-form work.
      • 3 in. (7.6 cm) body pad for added comfort
      • The built-in web body pad provides added comfort and support for added user satisfaction and productivity.
      • Tongue buckle adjustment is fast and easy
      • Extremely fast, simple and safe tongue and grommet style adjustment for ease of use and peace of mind.
      • Durable polyester construction
      • Rugged construction endures rough use, standing up to long periods of outdoor elements including sun exposure without tearing or fraying for added longevity.
      • High strength corrosion resistant hardware
      • Provides strong, fast and safe connections, plated hardware is extremely corrosion resistant to stand-up to the elements.
      • Compact and lightweight design
      • Designed for comfort and mobility, these belts stay out of the users way and can be worn all day.

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